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Short Story

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Discover the Power of the Short Story

When you need comprehensive English short story study guides, questions and answers, contact Nyberg Consultants Ltd. These teaching units consist of an introductory short story terms information handout and quiz, complete study questions for each independent short story, answers to those questions, and an objective-style unit examination and key for all of the stories covered.

Short Story Units Based on Anthologies:

  • Between the Lines 11 – Richard Davies and Glen Kirkland – “Fear” “Bus Ride” “One of These Days” “Nipikiti the Old Man Carver” “The Interlopers” “Paid-up Member” “Citizen’s Arrest” “Teenage Wasteland”
  • Between the Lines 12 – Richard Davies – “The Fun They Had” “There Will Come Soft Rains” “Zoo” “Deportation at Breakfast” “Just Once” “Long, Long After School” “Mules” “Social Security”
  • Connections 1 – Richard Davies and Glen Kirkland – “Theseus” “Zero Hour” “The Witch” “Burnt Toast” “The Caller” “The Vancouver Fire” “At Grips With a Grizzly” “The Novitiate” “Looking for Mr. God” – Imagining (Second Edition)
  • Connections 2 – Richard Davies and Glen Kirkland – “The Sea Devil” “The Movies Come to Gull Point” “The Lug Wrench” “Vital Factor” “Lamb to the Slaughter” “The Tell-Tale Heart” “The Taste of Melon” “Teenage Wasteland” – Relating (Second Edition)
  • Connections 3 – Richard Davies and Glen Kirkland – “You Cannot Judge a Pumpkin’s Happiness by the Smile Upon His Face” “Social Security” “The Fun They Had” “Examination Day” “The Birds” “The Catbird Seat” “Toughing It Out” “The Verger” “The Scarlet Ibis” – Discovering (Second Edition)
  • Crossroads 10 – Richard Davies, Glen Kirkland, and Jeff Siamon – “The Michelle I Know” “The Conversation of Birds” “The Crystal Stars Have Just Begun to Shine” “War” “The Sniper” “Blue Against White” “Svayamvara” “To Build a Fire” “I’ve Got Gloria” “Stains” “Two Kinds” “Earthquake”
  • Inside Stories I (First and Second Editions) – Glen Kirkland and Richard Davies – “The Friday Everything Changed” “The Sea Devil” “Alicia” “The Veldt” “Penny in the Dust” “Flight” “A Television Drama”
  • Inside Stories II (First and Second Editions) – Glen Kirkland and Richard Davies“Ashes for the Wind” “Harrison Bergeron” “To Set Our House in Order” “The Curlew’s Cry” “The Lamp at Noon” “The Possibility of Evil” “The Portable Phonograph” “The Metaphor”
  • Inside Stories III (Second Edition) – Richard Davies and Jerry Wowk – “The Lottery” “Miss Brill” “The Painted Door” “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” “Horses of the Night” “The Destructors” “The Rocking-Horse Winner” “A Bolt of White Cloth”
  • Literature and Media 10 – Neil Anderson, James Barry, et al. – “Just Lather, That’s All” “Dancer” “Lifeguard” “The Concert Stages of Europe” “Tunnel” “The First Day” “What Language Do Bears Speak?”
  • Literature and Media 11 – Neil Anderson and James Barry – “A Matter of Balance” “The Wedding Gift” “The Dead Child” “A Bolt of White Cloth” “The Leaving” “An Incident at Law”
  • Passages Literature and Language 11 – Barbara Illingworth et al. – “One Mile of Ice” “Sooshewan: Child of the Beothuk” “Who’s Cribbing” “The Visitor” “The Old Man at the Bridge” “Litter of the Law” “Buterflies” “Just Fiddlin’ With Stuff” “The Fog Horn”
  • Sightlines 10 – Mary Crane, Barbara Fullerton, Amanda Joseph – “The Bicycle” “The Ninny” “A Secret Lost in the Water” “The Possibility of Evil” “A Man Who Had No Eyes” “Lather and Nothing Else” “Earthquake” “The Tunnel”
  • Viewpoints 11 – Amanda Joseph and Wendy Mathieu – “Brother Dear” “The Address” “Boys and Girls” “The Lamp at Noon” “The Charmer” “A Television Drama” “The Storyteller” “A Cap for Steve”

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