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Lovely girl and her mother smilingFor comprehensive English teaching resources and study units, contact Nyberg Consultants Ltd. The company was established in 1970 and provides quality scholastic materials for grades 7 through 12 English Language Arts. All of our teaching tools are produced by experienced and licensed teachers to ensure consistency, quality, and uniformity. The company was founded by Verner R. Nyberg, EdD (UCLA, 1966) and currently is directed by Adell M. Nyberg, PhD (University of Alberta, 1987).

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Are you searching for English teaching units, literature teaching guides that feature study questions, answers, and tests? Do you want novel, short story, Shakespearean drama, modern drama, and film study teaching resources? Are you trying to find complete study guides for teachers and students?

Do you want your students to gain mastery of a particular work of literature so that they will have detailed information at their fingertips, details needed to write successful complex written assignments? We have more than a hundred teaching units available for educators. Our teaching guides comprehensively cover significant films, plays, novels, short stories, and non-fiction works.
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Our Teaching Resources Deal With:

  • Film
  • Non-Fiction Works
  • Novels
  • Plays
  • Short Stories

We Provide:

  • Author Information
  • Teaching Notes for Educators
  • Detailed Study Questions
  • Complete Answers to Study Questions
  • Suggestions and Topics for Written Compositions
  • Suggestions for Viewing Activities
  • Objective-Style Unit Examination
  • Key to Unit Examination

$30.00 per title (plus $1.50 G.S.T. in Canada only) = $31.50

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